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AAA Urges New Teen-Drivers to Practice Safety on the Roads This Summer

With summer officially in full swing more drivers will be heading out for family vacations, road trips and festive activities. Many of those drivers will be teens who are brand new to the road.

AAA considered summer as one of the most dangerous seasons of the year, especially for teen drivers.

“The number of fatal crashes involving teen drivers during the summer is an important traffic safety concern, and research shows that young drivers are at greater risk and have higher crash rates compared to older and more experienced drivers,” Dr. David Yang, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety executive director, explained in the report.

“Through education, proper training, and involvement of parents, we can help our young drivers to become better and safer drivers, which in turn keeps the roads safer for everyone,” he said.

To keep teens safe on busy summer roads, AAA is asking that parents do the following:

  • Discuss with teens early and often the dangers of risky driving situations, such as speeding and nighttime driving.
  • Make a parent-teen driving agreement that sets family rules for teen drivers. Consider setting driving limits that are stronger than a state’s law, and enforce those limits.

Parents can also visit The website has a variety of tools, including licensing and state law information, to help prepare parents and teens through the entire year, and not just the summer.

Additional reporting Bo Evans