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A Kid Hacked Florida's Voting System... Is Your Vote Safe?

An 11-year-old was able to change fake voting results by hacking into a replica of Florida’s state election website in 10 minutes at a hacking conference.

During the hacking conference, 39 kids from ages 6 to 17 were competing against one another to see who could hack into replicas of several U.S. swing states election systems.

The results?

35 of the 39 kids were able to change vote tallies, party names, and candidate names within 30 minutes according to DEF CON twitter.

This hacking conference as brought to the spotlight… again… the real threat hackers pose during elections in our country.

“If there was a breach we’d be notified, we are partners with the center of internet security, FDL, FBI, Homeland Security .” Tommy Doyle, Lee County Supervisor of elections

But according to Lee County Supervisor of elections, Tommy Doyle, the kids hacking into a replica election system of the state of Florida is “not real life.”

“We have many layers of defense before they could even get into network or website if they happen to get the website, there’s nothing they can change, they can’t affect votes, they can’t affect voter registration,” said Tommy Doyle.

Doyle also mentions that just because there are several layers of defense it doesn’t mean people haven’t tried to hack into the election system, but since the state has “a good detection and blocking system” their hacking efforts have been stopped.

Early voting in Lee County begins on August 18th for 8 days. The ten locations will be opened from 10am-6pm. To find a voting site near you visit . You can also vote by mail. Your ballot needs to be sent at least 7 days before election day which is August 28th. Find more information on how to vote by mail at .