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A Build-a-Bear Mess

You’ve probably heard about the mess that was “Pay Your Age Day” at Build-A-Bear Workshop this week.

Parents stood in line for hours in the hopes of getting their children a stuffed animal of choice.

But so many people headed out to get their discounted bear, that stores had to shut down – some people didn’t even get in the store.

The day was so successful that it failed.

So where did Build-A-Bear go wrong?

“What they did wrong was not put stipulations on that particular marketing campaign,” Connie Ramos-Williams, president of Conric PR & Marketing.

“They should’ve capped it at 100 people per location,” she explained. “If Build-A-Bear would have gone ahead and said ‘limited it to the first 100 children’ and given an age range per location, it would have minimized the number of people that came.”

“I do not believe in the long run this will cost them long-term customers. I think there are a lot of people that forgot what Build-A-Bear was. This certainly put Build-A-Bear back on the map,” Connie said.

She said every situation is different, but how a company handles the failure makes the difference.

Reporting by Jalyn Henderson