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$60 Million Referendum to Enhance Parks in Cape Coral on November Ballot

4:45 PM, Oct 17, 2018


Chloe Nordquist

When it comes to $60 million being put towards parks in Cape Coral, you get a lot of differing opinions.

“So all this is the park, every so often you’ll see the eagles and the horned owls it’s wonderful,” Pascha Donaldson said. We met her out at Oasis Park in Cape Coral.

$60 Million Referendum to Enhance Parks in Cape Coral on November Ballot

A few weeks ago, HelloSWFL told you about a $60 million bond referendum on the November ballot that could help pay for parks and recreation in the Cape over the next 15 years.

Donaldson, who’s involved with Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife, is pushing hard for a “yes” vote…for nature.

“It’s an enhancement if you live on park space, your house and value is going to be much more than that if you’re backing up into a 7/11 or gas station or store,” she said.

If the referendum passes, how much it will add to your property tax depends on the value of your home. $60 million over 15 years isn’t a bad thing to Pascha.

“$60 million dollars sounds like a lot, $60 million really is not and spread out over 15 years it’s, nothing, it’s nothing,” she said. “As more people come, we’re going to need more parks and more income will come from the growth of the people.”

However, there’s two sides to every debate.

“The city has plenty of money, if they spend it conservatively if they spend it like they did their home funds instead of thinking that the residents have an open pocketbook,” John Karcher, president of the Northwest Neighborhood Association, said.

He thinks the focus should be on infrastructure.

“Let’s get the streetlights up there, let’s get the sidewalks up here, we have all these new homes coming with children and they’re going to be walking down the street with no sidewalk, let’s get that in place,” he said.

Cape Coral is growing. 200,000 people living there currently, and 400,000 are expected to live in the city in the next few years.

The referendum will be on the ballot this November.


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