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6 - Tips For A Successful School Year

A new school year is just days away. We want to help you set your children up for a successful school year with these tips:
#1 New school supplies and clothes!
  • Having everything picked out early will leave you feeling at ease.
#2 Help organize their backpack!
  • Helping them keep an organized backpack year-round will make it easier to find things.
#3 Pick out outfits the night before!
  • This is a great habit to teach your kids and it’s something you can do together. Take it a step further, plan out a whole week’s wardrobe.
#4 Get a good nights sleep!
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control, sleep is critical to prevent poor mental health, diabetes, and obesity. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends:

#5 Healthy breakfast!

  • Always start your day with a healthy breakfast! The United States Department of Agriculture states that a good breakfast is associated with better grades, school attendance, and improved memory.
#6 Keep Kids Active!
  • Make sure your kids participate in physical activity. The CDC, states that students who are physically active tend to have better classroom behavior.

For more information on sleeping patterns and your child check out these guidelines from the CDC. You can also to find out more information on health and academic achievement for your child’s head over to the USDA

Reporting by Val Simpson