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200-Million Eggs Because of Fears of Salmonella Poisoning

You’ve seen the recall – 200-million eggs. 200 million! It’s all because of fears of salmonella poisoning.

So… you probably have questions.

How do I tell if I have some bad eggs in my refrigerator?

First… look to see if the eggs are from these farms:

Cobern Farms
Country Day Break
Food Lion
Great Value
Sunshine Farms

If you have eggs from one of them, take a look near the sell-by date and you’ll see two numbers. First is the Plant number. If you’re carton says P-1065 you might be in trouble. Next look for the date code: if it’s 011 through 102, from the correct plant number, do not eat those eggs.

So what do you do with them? Take your eggs back to where you bought them. Stores like Walmart with take them back and give you a refund. Walmart pulled all of its eggs after the getting the real notice.

There has been no word on when stores and restaurants will be breaking-stocked.

WOW, so I bet you’re thinking 200-million is a lot of eggs… think of it this way:
The numbers we found online shows Americans eat more than 80 billion eggs a year. So according to our math, this really is not even 3 percent of the eggs we eat each month.

So check your eggs and look for those numbers on the carton.