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Move Over Professional Wrestling, We Have Bubble Blowing Competition

10:20 AM, Aug 28, 2018

A true test of courage for some may be climbing Mount Everest or flying a plane solo over the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. However, the actual daredevils are here in Lehigh Acres, FL competing in the Lehigh Acres 2017 Bubblegum Blowout Competition.

On that fateful day, the competition did not look fierce, but the stakes were high. Participants varied in age. Middle aged mothers were ready to blow as well as eager pre-teens. They each blew their best bubbles in the qualifying round, but only the top four could move on.

It was finally narrowed down to four blowers. Jaws clenched and lips perked, the chosen four entered into Sudden Death.

With about one minute to blow the biggest bubble of their lives, Judge Vikki determined the winner. She knew a perfect bubble when she saw one, having 20 years of experience under her belt.

My jaw hurts. – Katlyn

The leader of the pack was Katlyn, and Hello SWFL’s very own media correspondent Chris was able to get a few words with her.

Katlyn stressed that her technique was completely organic. She blew the bubble using only her jaw and was completely self-taught. View the footage below, and let us know your favorite memory from the Lehigh Acres Contest Festival!