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Meet JoJo: LCSO's New K-9 Officer

2:53 PM, Oct 22, 2018


Tianna Jenkins

Detective Jorge Oro describes his new partner as very motivated and very driven. "Doesn’t give up at all,” Detective Oro said when describing his new partner. Good traits to have.

This new recruit at the Lee County Sheriff's Office isn't any regular recruit. He's a 17-month old male German Shepherd named Jojo.

Meet JoJo: LCSO New K-9 Officer

Jojo is the sheriff's office newest K-9 unit member and Officer Oro is his handler. When Detective Oro found out he was going to have a K-9 partner he was extremely happy.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to have a partner in my profession, a K-9 partner,” Detective Oro said.

Jojo is a new K-9 recruit who specializes in narcotics detection at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. He joined the team back in July from a police K-9 training kennel in Scotland Neck, North Carolina.

He’s trained to detect the odor of narcotics and, according to Detective Oro, Jojo can sniff out pretty much every narcotic from marijuana to cocaine and from heroin to methamphetamine.

How exactly did Jojo become a narcotics detection dog?

According to Detective Oro, Jojo went through a 10-week-long course for narcotics and then he was certified with the National Police Canine Association. Once the canine has this certification they are able to perform on the field with a police officer.

Jojo also does obedience and narcotics training every week to help him stay on track. So far Detective Oro said Jojo has been performing pretty well.

"He’s helped me make a couple of narcotics arrests and some other kinds of arrests that we do on the highway as well," said Detective Oro. "But he has been great detecting narcotics out of vehicles and helping me make arrests going through our county and from our county as well.”

Jojo is one of the nearly 30 dogs the Sheriff's Office now has and although all of those K-9’s are special, Jojo's name has a special meaning behind it.

Last year 77-year-old Jo Ann Leasure was murdered in her home. Leasure was well known in the community and her church for her volunteer work.

“He was named in the honor of Jo Ann Leasure. She was, unfortunately, a victim of a homicide late last year I believe and they loved dogs and they were a big fan of law enforcement," said Detective Oro. "So the family got with the Sheriff’s Office and they wanted to do something for us to get a K-9 in honor of Jo Ann Leasure.”

Detective Oro said after talking with friends and family of Jo Ann Leasure this 17-month old pup has her same personality. “He treats everybody like he’s known them for forever.”

Jojo has a long career ahead of him and Detective Oro said he can see a lot of drug busts for them in the future.

“He’s going to be busy working with me. I’m going to make sure of that and hopefully, he’s going to get a lot of drugs off the street of our county."


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