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Jeep continues the legacy of Fallen Officer Jobbers-Miller

12:16 PM, Sep 13, 2018


Jalyn Henderson, Michael Adam Mora

The death of Fort Myers police officer Adam Jobbers-Miller brought the SWFL community together in a variety of ways. Weeks after Adam's death, there are still people in the SWFL community honoring the fallen officer.

Adam used to drive a jeep. Now it's going into a garage to restore it for a heroes project. Adam's father handed the keys over to the owner of the Savage 4x4 repair shop. The owners of the shop have a Hero Project. Each year Savage 4x4 picks hometown heroes they want to honor by “savaging” their jeeps or trucks.

Jeep Continues the Legacy of Officer Jobbers-miller

"We’re going to do the best we can to bring it back to and above original quality," Jim Thompson said, the owner of Savage 4x4. "We’re going to make it look like something that everybody wants. Trust me on this. It’s going to look nice.”

The Savage 4x4 Hero Project started in 2016, after the death of veteran Jeff Kelly. The shop overhauled the jeep, spending between $14,000 to $18,000 on vehicle restoration and upgrades.

But why did Thompson pick Jeff Kelly for the Hero Project?

"He uses his jeep to help other vets out that need a source to ride and relax," Jim said. "Put their minds in other places rather than think about what’s going on in their life.”

This year, Jim is going all out, making sure the jeep comes with some special surprises to make sure Adam's memory lives on.

“I’ve never given back," Jim said. "Everybody’s always asking ‘did you serve? Were you a police, first responder, anything like that? I said no, I never did."

Adam is one of the three heroes Savage 4x4 is honoring this year in its Hero Project.

The details of the "savaging" are still under wraps, but Jim said you should expect something artistry that will pay a fitting tribute to the fallen officer.

If you want to see for yourself, the remodeled jeep will be ready and revealed on Nov. 3.

The following weekend, the Jeep will make a cameo at "Krawl'n for the Fallen" in Tampa. The event is sure to bring favorable publicity to the Savage 4x4 repair shop. It is likely that the new business generated from event attendees will compensate for the money spent on the Adam's Jeep restoration.

The Krawl'n for the Fallen event seeks to remember fallen officers, making sure their stories are told. They put a flag up to honor each of the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.