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Wrestling Kindergarten Teacher Refuses to Quit His Day Job

The realms of Wrestle Mania and learning ‘ABCs’ aren’t too far apart for Kindergarten teacher and pro wrestler, Stephen Damico. He smoothly transitions from naptime to Smackdown by implementing his passion for teaching.

Stephen Damico, AKA ‘Syther’ fulfills his oath to serve and teach whether he’s doing a lesson on colors at Three Oaks Elementary School or demonstrating a Chokeslam at his wrestling training facility after hours.

We dropped by Oaks Elem, and The Crypt, Stephen’s training center, to see him in both elements, where he let us know that he doesn’t separate the two.

Stephen is the same educator inside and outside of the ring. “It’s funny because you talk to them the same exact way,” he said.  Hissy fits. Discipline. Pep talks. They’re all a part of the process no matter where Stephen’s teaching: Kindergarten or the wrestling ring.

Before we left, Stephen let us know his biggest accomplishment would be to have one of his wrestling students to go pro, and we’re eager to see that happen.

We’re thankful to have talented individuals who add immense value to the SWFL area.

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