Humans of SWFL

Tribute to Fallen Law Enforcement Officers

We all have thoughts on the ongoing discussion regarding policing in our communities.

As a black woman, I have thoughts that you may or may not agree with regarding the topic.

One thing I think about is the number of women/men that I know who have gone on vacation, hosted birthday parties and often sleep alone because their partners are driving around SWFL and other parts of the country ensuring the safety of the community members.

I consider what it would be like to get a call in the middle of the night stating that my husband won’t be coming home because he was killed while working to take a questionable person off the streets.

I can just think about what it would be like and feel my heart physically hurt. However, there are thousands of people who lived through these moments. According to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Officers Memorial Fund’s website, there were 128 police officers who were killed in the line of duty throughout the country last year.

Consider the mothers who lost their daughters and sons, along with the daughters and sons who lost their mothers and fathers.

Lehigh Acres resident Jason Schrecongost encourages us never to forget those who have died in the line of duty by using his love for light showcases as a memorial. The annual Schrecongost family light show is a Lehigh Acres staple, of which Jason decorates his home in Christmas lights that are synced to holiday musical favorites. After the holiday season, Jason’s house goes “blue” to honor fallen law enforcement officers nationwide. Synced to American classics like “God Bless the USA” and the voice of a child who speaks directly to her fallen dad and she grows into a young woman, the display is undoubtedly emotional, yet thought-provoking.

I asked Jason why people should come. I got out of my car while fully anticipating the mood of the night, and I was still moved to tears. He told me that this isn’t about other people. “This is about my way of highlighting officers. I don’t do it for anyone else. This is how I choose to show my support and solidarity for the families”.