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SWFL Graphic Novel Authors Sharing Stories That Hits Home

James Haick and Chadwin Taylor are taking readers on a journey through the pages of their graphic novels

These days more and more graphic novel authors are telling stories based on real-life scenarios that could take place right here in Southwest Florida.

Solar Flare

James Haick Courtesy of The News Press

For example, James Haick the creator of Solar Flare , based his storyline on a catastrophic event where a solar storm strikes planet Earth. The storm ultimately wipes out electricity, the internet, and turns the magnetic field upside down. And Jake, the lead character in the series, is trying to travel from Fort Myers, Fla. to Tennessee to reconnect with his family.

You might be thinking this storyline is far-fetched, but it’s not. The last time a solar flare hit planet Earth was in 1859. It went down in the record books as the Carrington Event, after the British astronomer Richard Carrington . And back then, the only thing the Carrington Event had a significant effect on were telegraph machines .


Veritas definition

Veritas – Latin for truth. Veritas is also the title of a new graphic novel created by Southwest Florida resident, Chadwin Taylor .

Veritas tells a story about Ben, who was part of the elite Force Recon platoon for the United States Marine Corps. When serving his country in Afghanistan, Ben suffered burns to 80 percent of his body while trying to save the life of a young girl during combat.

Veritas Coming Soon

Ben left the Marine Corps during the Great Recession . Jobs were scarce, and Ben ended up settling for a position as a janitor at the courthouse.

Over the years, Ben struggled to deal with traumatic life experiences. Until one day, he was forced to face them head-on. It was then he had no choice but to come to terms and answer the question, “Is truth worth it?”

The storyline is one that may spark the interest of many Veterans and civilians. However, you’re going to have to wait because the first series is still in production .

In the meantime, head over to to find out how Jake is making out on his journey from Southwest Florida to Tennessee.

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