Humans of SWFL

Swamp Buggy Racer, Bonnie Walsh, Inspires Female Racers

The Swamp Buggy Races of Naples are filled with endless entertainment. Bonnie Walsh and her cheeky titled buggy, Fatal Attraction, might just take the cake. We get the opportunity to talk to the swamp buggy icon herself and learn more about her journey.

As contestants take their places at the starting line entrance, you can’t help but notice Bonnie Walsh’s buggy, with pink flame decals to boot. Bonnie’s fiery personality parallels that of her bright pink vehicle. Decked out in pink and black, Bonnie hops into her buggy and drives towards the starting line.

Swamp buggy racing is in Bonnie Walsh’s blood. Her mother was a racer in the 1950’s when the Southwest Florida tradition began. Bonnie is the first woman to win a world title for the Swamp Buggy Races. Despite the loss of her husband in March of last year, Bonnie does not back down and instead takes to the track to race in his memory. Her determination is inspiring.

The race begins, and Bonnie clutches the wheel with her distinctly pink fingernails, as Fatal Attraction glides through the water. She closes out her race and heads towards the finish line. Though she did not take first place, Bonnie remains a champion in the eyes of women. Bonnie is an inspiration for females across Southwest Florida. Fatal Attraction stands tall with a “Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman” decal on its side. Bonnie’s perseverance despite her loss is actively paving the way for women to partake in the buggy races.