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Sunshine Elementary School Teacher Prints a 3D Prosthetic Arm

A science teacher in Lehigh is proving why the school system should invest more in new technologies.

Eric Demeri is a teacher at Sunshine Elementary School in Lehigh. He recently started a 3D printing club in the school to teach kids the power of technology. Together they have built school supplies, and now, Eric surprised everyone when he printed a 3D prosthetic arm for one of the 3rd graders in the school.

Yes. He actually did that. Turns out 3D printing can be used to make a real impact in people’s lives. The science teacher was able to get a hold of a digital blueprint that can be downloaded to the 3D printer to make an actual robotic arm. With this new arm, the little 3rd grader can grab things and feel as normal as the other kids in her classroom.
 Eric hopes that with this story, people understand the power of investing in new technologies.