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Sobriety Story Impacts Thousands

Cape Coral woman’s sobriety story inspires thousands.

“Junco in Cancun, Mexico.”

From the party life to a life of sobriety and a story that has impacted thousands. As she writes her memoir, Kelly Junco recalls her own journey that inspired others to follow suit.

It was 2012. Living life on the beaches of Cancun, Mexico, Junco remembers drinking too much and using cocaine.

“I felt inside that I really hated myself,” she recalled.

“Some nights I wouldn’t sleep at all. I was reckless with myself, reckless with my body, I would put myself in dangerous situations that I never want to be in again,” Junco said.

But she’s come a long way since then. In 2014, Junco overcame her addictions. She became sober and started writing a blog called Sober Señorita.

After publishing an article about the things she learned in her first year without alcohol, she shared it on Facebook, and soon after, received a surprising email from the Huffington Post.

“Today, Junco is sober and enjoying life.”

“I was like, okay, is this a joke? And I’m showing my coworkers at the time, (saying) ’Is this a real email from the Huffington Post? They want to publish my blog? Like, that’s so weird. Why?”

Since that email, her blog has been shared all over the internet and has been translated into five different languages. The premise for her blog is about sobriety.

“I never thought it was for me. When I was getting sober, I didn’t see many people doing that. So, I think that’s what makes it a little bit unique and different. I just want to help people and I hope I’m on the right path to do that.”

Part of that path extends beyond just a memoir. Junco, a freelance writer, hopes to become a certified recovery coach.

“I want everyone to know that sobriety is possible for them, if they want