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Sgt. Sam Gonzalez: THE MARATHON COP

People have a funny way of expressing themselves; their acts sometimes expose more about them than probably they are willing to admit. Officer Gonzalez act and dedication to something so grueling proves how much he cares about his fellow officers and their families.

Remember back in high school; there was a quarter mile track and field loop around the football field? Now picture Lee County Deputy Sgt. Sam Gonzalez running an equivalent of 1,560 of those track and field loops on April 26th, 2018.

The reason behind Sgt. Gonzalez insane 390 mile run from the Lee County Sheriff’s department headquarters to the state capital in Tallahassee, is to benefit a charity “Concerns of Police Survivors” (or the very clever acronym C.O.PS) that helps the families of fallen police officers recover from their loss.

The timing is also significant, as the planned time of his arrival will coincide with the annual Florida Sheriff’s Association Law Enforcement Memorial.

If everything goes to plan Sgt. Gonzalez will run for ten days and present $50,000 to the C.O.P.S charity. However, the money isn’t there yet, and the path is not precisely planned. The training is slow and gradual because there’s more to an ultra-marathon than putting on a pair of running shoes.

This will not be the last time we’ll hear from Sgt. Sam Gonzalez: THE MARATHON COP.

If you would like to help Sgt. Gonzalez reach his goals, check out his facebook page for more information.