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Man Builds Paddle Board From Scratch, Riding 150 Miles To Benefit Special Olympics

Local artist and Special Olympics Florida – Collier County paddle board coach, Steve Nagy built a paddle board from scratch for an upcoming ride from Goodland to Key Largo.

Right now, Steve Nagy is putting the final touches on a paddle board he built from scratch.

“I’m gonna travel from Goodland to Key Largo,” he said.

That’s 150 miles. On one hand, to raise money for Special Olympics Florida – Collier County .

“I’m turning 50 on February 27th,” Nagy smiled.

On the other hand, it’s because he does something crazy to celebrate his birthday every ten years.

“Every decade,” said Nagy.

On top of being a paddle board coach, Nagy is an artist. So taking a rectangle block of foam that was 30 inches wide, ten inches high, and 14 feet long and turning it into a full-fledged paddle board has been no problem for him.

Especially when he’s doing it for his Special Olympics athletes.

“I learn more from them than they probably learn from me,” said Nagy.

He says the biggest lesson they’ve taught him is resilience.

“Those kids just don’t quit,” he said.

He’ll need resilience to make it 150 miles.

“It’s going to be a solo trip. So everything I need, I have to take with me.”

Nagy said that includes about 120 pounds of water and almost 60 pounds of camping gear for what’s estimated to be a two-week trip. He’s supposed to be in Key Largo by March 3rd.

“Cause that’s when my ride’s gonna be there,” he laughed.

If you’d like to donate to the cause, you can head to

You can also find Special Olympics Florida – Collier County on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @StandUp4SO