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How FBI Academy Helps Cape Coral Deputy Chief on The Job

Cape Coral deputy chief, Lisa Barnes recently graduated from the FBI Academy. Now, she’s putting the new things she learned to work at the police department.

“This is the diploma that I got from the National FBI Academy,” said Cape Coral Police Department deputy chief, Lisa Barnes.

Barnes recently returned from Quantico, Virginia with the incredible accomplishment on her hands. She said there were 224 people in her graduating class from a whopping 22 different countries.”

“Usually, it’s about less than 1% of law enforcement executives that get to go,” said Barnes.

Barnes added that she was one of only 16 women in the group.

“You have to be nominated, then you have to go through a selection process through the FBI, and after that, they do a background investigation on you,” she explained of the grueling entry process.

Even after that process, Barnes said they still went as far as interviewing her neighbors for a follow-up.

After all this, Barnes said she learned a lot through five classes and completing 18 papers and projects.

“There are resources the FBI has that I didn’t know existed that I now know. For example, I didn’t know the FBI keeps a data bank of bank robbery notes.”

Now Barnes has that info, as well as an entire network of people she can lean on for information that can help the Cape Coral Police Department.

“It’s a great feeling. I’m so thrilled to have been selected and able to go and able to experience it,” said Barnes.