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American Idol Goes Lehigh Acres

At Lehigh Acre’s recent Festival Idol competition, Sissy Goss shone brightly among her peers and claimed the title of Junior Idol.

Most people want fame and fortune, but Sissy Goss says music is just a part of who she is. At just 16 years old, and a junior at Lehigh Acres Senior High School, Sissy is setting a standard for singers in the southwest Florida area.

She understands that most people want to go big or go home, however she is content simply being in the industry.

I just want to be happy, and I heard that’s really hard [in the music industry].

It’s this unique mindset that set Sissy apart from others in such a competitive industry and may have possibly put her on the path to success.

Sissy was the first contestant of the night, and that was all the judges needed to hear. She went on the win first place in the competition which gave her bragging rights, a trophy, certificate, and some sweet cash.

When asked if she had any advice for any upcoming artists, she encouraged musicians to just start. It can be harmful to wait for the right time. She also tells people to ditch their ego. A person unwilling to take constructive criticism will only be that good for the rest of their life.

See more of Sissy’s story below, and let us know of any other ‘idols’ in the Lehigh Acres area.

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