Humans of SWFL

A Local Storm Chaser's Stunning Photography

Quinn Sedam chases storms throughout south Florida; going through dangerous obstacles to capture them.

A man’s south Florida storm photos are used as the theme in a Cape Coral coffee shop.

“I moved to Florida a little over six years ago. My first full night’s sleep in Florida, I was woken up about six in the morning – startled out of bed by what turned out to be a huge thunderstorm. I’ve never seen anything like that,” recalled Quinn Sedam, a storm chaser, and photographer.

At that moment, without knowing it at the time, Quinn discovered his life’s passion.

“A day in the summer for me starts about 4:00 in the afternoon. I will sit in front of my computers and start tracking every storm in south Florida,” Sedam explained.

Sedam predicts the storms; where the best lightning bolt will be; and the most picturesque spot to get the shot.

“And just out of nowhere, the most spectacular bolt just popped right out, almost came right towards me,” he said, remembering one of many dangerous moments he’s faced getting his pictures.

But for him, the danger and adrenaline rush is worth it. He has wowed crowds with these photographs. Most recently at the Cape Coral Art and Music Festival, where he won best in show.

“So many people love to sit out in their lanais and watch the storm. They can feel that same interest in it because it’s a daily part of our lives down here.”