Things to Do

Hula Dancing in SWFL

10:21 AM, Aug 28, 2018

Here’s the thing about SWFL.

There are things to do here outside of the beach, but this isn’t New York, hunny. You have to search for them.

I found a Hula Dancing class that occurs every Wednesday at Rhythm in Motion Dance Studio in Cape Coral.

I was armed with my camera and the fancy lens that I never use. Notice how I didn’t say that I was armed with dance clothes. I wasn’t actually planning on dancing.

Walking into the studio and meeting Sherri, I was intrigued. She has this very calming spirit. The kind that makes the fact that you were angry about traffic and angry about the fact that you need to lose weight but just had Chik-fil-A just disappear.

Her calming translates into her art. Hula Dancing, I learned, is storytelling. It is movement that tells a story that often includes physical elements, like the moon and the sun, as well as emotions…including happiness and love.

Watching her dance is freeing. Her fluid movements epitomized grace and pure enchantment.

This class is a community. As the other students started to make their way into class, they chatted about the day, personal challenges and their upcoming performance that weekend. Their hospitality was extensive, even allowing me to borrow their costumes so that I could also be an active participant in class.

The class is a fusion of Tahitian and hula dancing. Go to class. Let me tell you: your thighs will thank you for it.