How to Protect Your Kid from Food Allergies at School

1:53 PM, Sep 07, 2018

Parents have a lot on their plate.

One thing some parents have to keep an eye out for is food allergies. It's easier to prevent your child from having an allergic reaction when they eat at home.

But how do you protect your kid when they're in school? How can you protect your kids from food allergies in the school cafeteria?

The Lee County School District is taking action to protect children from food allergies with an application on Android, iPhone and desktop computers.

The app is called, Meal Viewer .

It will save time for families with children that have food allergies. Parents will be alerted to potential food allergens that will be served in meals at school. It provides nutritional information and entire school menus for the week. Parents and students will be able to select their favorite meals -- a fun bonding activity to help children feel more comfortable with personal health responsibilities.

How to Protect your Kid from Food Allergies at School

The Food Allergy Research & Education ( FARE ) recommends that parents are fully aware of and understands their child's food allergy. Once the parents are aware of their child's allergies, with the help of their son or daughters healthcare provider, they should make a Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan.

Then provide the school with this plan that should include:

- A list of foods your child is allergic;
- The possible symptoms;
- The treatment that should be administered;
- The child's emergency contact information;
- A current picture of your child;
- The signature of your child's allergist.

If required by a doctor, Lee County schools for instance, can accommodate the student with a meal replacement option.

FARE suggests meeting with school officials before the first day of school. It is important that parents Introduce themselves and share information about their child with the administration, teachers and nurses. This way parents will find out what the administration already knows about food allergies, plus to discuss the role faculty will play in managing their child’s food allergy at school.

If you need to find an allergist near you-you can do it through the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology ( AAAAI ) website.