Goodwill Helps SWFL Brush up on Digital Skills

1:36 PM, Oct 08, 2018

No matter what job you have today, it’s almost guaranteed to involve a computer or technology in some way.

Goodwill of Southwest Florida started a program to help people learn basic computer skills that they will be able to take into the workforce.

Goodwill offering free classes to help people boost their digital skills

Training centers can be found at these locations:

Goodwill Opportunity Center - 5100 Tice St Fort Myers, FL
Bonita Springs – 262820 Old 41, Bonita Springs, FL
Lehigh – 2825 Lee Boulevard Lehigh Acres, FL
Naples – 3579 East Tamiami Trail, Naples FL.

“In order for people to be successful on the job, understanding productivity tools like Microsoft suite and google is extremely important for them to not only get access to a good paying job but also to retain and keep a job and keep up with their peers,” said Fred Richards, the Vice President of Community Support Services.

Students learn basic computer functions, internet navigation, email, Microsoft Office, social media and other useful tools they can take with them as they apply for jobs.

This is a five-level program.

  1. Awareness
  2. Basic Training
  3. Productivity Software Skills
  4. Entry Level Careers
  5. Mid-Level Careers

In the class, students receive one on one time with the instructor to help them fully understand the curriculum.
“It’s extremely important that we provide that individual service because not everybody’s at the same level and I think that’s what makes this unique,” Richards said.

Students, Roweana and Bernard Elizee, said they value this time with the instructor because it helps them ask questions to better understand the material.

“You have the instructor who will work with you one-on-one which is so encouraging,” said Roweana Elizee.

When they have finished learning a skill set, they take a NORTHSTAR Certification test that provides credentials they can show a future employer.

These certifications are printed out and awarded to the student to keep and add to their portfolio.

For more information on the classes or to sign up visit: