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Downtown Fort Myers Spruces Up Tourism With Art

2:46 PM, Sep 26, 2018


Jalyn Henderson

Compared to larger cities, Fort Myers art scene may come up a little short. But the truth is you just have to take a peak around a corner to find a piece of art or two.

Throughout downtown Fort Myers, you will find a couple of murals and sculptures that taps into the history and how Southwest Florida came to be.

For example, The Pier, a mural which faces the Fort Myers Regional Library and Cornog Plaza, has three women who represent the diverse settlers of Fort Myers.

Art Culture in SWFL: Fort Myers is Sprucing up Tourism by adding a Touch of Art

Settlers of Fort Myers included African-Americans, Latinas and Caucasians. This is just one of many murals that you’ll find throughout Downtown Fort Myers .

Fort Myers is in the process of sprucing up its downtown area, with artwork in hopes to boost its tourism industry.

“Culturally, we are trying to bring in people from all over the world,” Shari Shifrin said, director of the Fort Myers Mural Society. “Fort Myers is a tourist destination and tourism has to say, ‘We welcome everybody.’”

The Fort Myers Mural Society had a vision to create a mural trail that shows the locations of murals throughout Fort Myers. Lee County’s Visitor’s Bureau ended up chipping in to make the mural trail possible.

Fort Myers Mural Society is one of 40 organizations that is awarded a grant from the Tourist Development Council, which is a nine-member Council appointed as an advisory committee to the Lee County Board of County Commissioners and approves funding for tourist related projects. The mural society will be allocated approximately $10,000 for the year.

“The effort of that program is to help them with marketing," Nancy MacPhee said, tourism product development manager at Lee County Visitor’s Bureau, "not just in Lee County, but all of Florida."


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