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Uber Eats- Is it Uber Worth it?

The SWFL area is growing. Report after report , claim the area is the fastest growing area in the country. So, it comes as no surprise that the services in the area would also expand, especially when it comes to feeding the droves of newcomers. Cue the launch of food delivery apps such as UberEats; the delivery food service from the same ride-sharing service of, you guessed it, Uber. The San Francisco-based company promises to bring your favorite local restaurants to your door, with the same speedy service of their rideshare program.

Gone are the days of having to choose between Chinese food or pizza for your delivered meal of choice! Time to rejoice, right? Not quite. While the UberEats service does, in fact, offer a wider range of restaurants delivered to your door- including McDonald’s- it falls short of being the go-to delivery food service for many SWFL residents.

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What’s holding it back, exactly? Cost. From the variable delivery fee ($5 when we ordered from a restaurant within two miles of our offices which excludes driver tip) to the “busy fee” which mimics the parent app’s “surge pricing” the service can get expensive, to say the least. But, worse than that for southwest Floridians- the areas in which it’s available are limited. Extremely limited. Cape Coral? Not west of Santa Barbara. Fort Myers? Wishful thinking for areas south of Gladiolus. And you can completely forget about it if you’re in Collier County, Bonita Springs, San Carlos Park, and almost every beach community.

Here’s a map of the current service area we pulled from the UberEats website:

So thanks for trying Uber, but I’ll wait to celebrate until my fellow residents can join in the lazy glory that is food delivery.

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