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The Historic Love Boat Ice Cream Building is Back (for a limited time)

The historic Love Boat Ice Cream has been for sale and disused ever since the new location opened up down the road.

But now it’s back for a limited time.

The new location is getting flooded by seasonal and local customers, the historic Love Boat location is reopened from 5 pm til 10 pm to handle the overflow.

Allowing customers from across the country a chance to try one of the 50 flavors they offer.

According to Google the best time to avoid the lines is right before they open and right before they close.

But according to over 566 reviews, the long lines don’t seem to be a problem.

The historic location was established in 1967 and operated until 2017 when the new location opened. The new location has a larger parking lot and indoor eating space.

No word as of yet on how long Love Boat Ice Cream will keep using the historic location.