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The California Burrito

Sometimes things aren’t as advertised.

When I was told about a food truck called California burrito , well, my hopes weren’t high.  My hopes should have been higher because the burrito didn’t disappoint. This truck is located on the corner of Colonial Boulevard and Tamiami Trail and judging by their hours is open later at night on the weekends.

The al pastor was seasoned well and cooked properly, there was rice, beans, sour cream, and yes, guacamole. According to my colleague, Chloe, it’s not a California burrito without guacamole.

For $7.50 the burrito is bigger than my head and the taste doesn’t lack as this thing packs some flavor profiles and textures.

I was unable to finish mine in one sitting.

The only downside is the tortilla is soft and rips fairly easy, so it can get messy — but burritos tend to get that way.