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Taste Test: Vegan Burritos

A coworker put me on to these new vegan burritos that are supposed to taste like other foods such as pizza or fajitas. Not being a vegan I was skeptical about how these would taste in general.

The challenge, guess the four different kinds of burritos. Philly cheese-steak, pizza, chicken fajita, and Mexicali. I was blindfolded and put through the task but came out victorious for guess all four by smell and taste. 

Although I fumbled around, burnt myself, and couldn’t see anything I still managed to get through this challenge with all my integrity in tack. These vegan burritos may have smelled like plants and burnt tortillas but they weren’t half bad. A suggestion would be to put them in the oven and not the microwave.

Go for the Philly cheese-steak variety, don’t tell anyone from Philly I told you to do it.