Food and Drink

Sushi and Korean BBQ

If the spicy tuna is good you can order anything. It is how I judge a sushi restaurant and has worked out pretty well in the past.

A special roll named adequately “Fort Myers roll” consisted of avocado, tuna, and cucumber. The crispiness of the cucumber cut through the rich textures of the avocado and tuna to provide a good experience.

The standard of sushi grade seafood can make or break a Japanese restaurant. Origami Korean Japanese Restaurant in Fort Myers brings it when it comes to food quality. During this particular lunch hour is wasn’t very full of patrons, but that didn’t deter me from indulging. This spot is tricky as it could be overlooked being that it is located off a side road adjacent to Daniels Parkway.

The food took a little bit to get, but either way the sushi was top notch.

I will be back for some Korean BBQ and maybe another Fort Myers roll.