Food and Drink

Milkshakes Anyone?

My hometown of Bonita Springs has the best ice cream — with two killer spots.

This versus I’m drinking milkshakes; starting with For Heaven Shakes.

I picked from 34 different flavors imported through the Ice Cream Club in Boynton Beach and I got my hands on a cookies and cream shake. Blended right, this mixture is somewhat similar to drinking an Oreo cookie. Think of an exceptionally better caliber Oreo McFurry.

The next stop? The original location of Royal Scoop Ice Cream right off of Vanderbilt Drive.

Being open since 1994 the ice cream produced here is a tradition. I chose black cherry, but with a whopping 54 ice cream varieties on the menu, it was a hard decision to make.

Both ice cream spots do justice to a homemade milkshake.

It’s Royal Scoop with the win, yet neither of these spots should be overlooked.