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Flavor Medley: United Ale House's Coronation Chicken Salad

Back in 1953, a delicious curry chicken mashup was created as the celebratory meal for the Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation Reception. Since making its way over the pond to the United States, this royal delicacy has undergone many recipe adjustments and tweaks. However, United Ale House in Fort Myers has preserved the original recipe so, we just had to stop by for a taste!

Looking around from my corner seat at the bar, it becomes evident that United Ale House is nothing short of traditional. Servers are buzzing past, clutching English brews and exchanging friendly smiles with patrons. Gazing at the menu, I can’t help but notice the unique names of the dishes: BBC–one of the Beatles all-time favorite dishes, Hen & Pig and last but certainly not least, the Coronation Chicken Salad.

Deeply rooted in British history, this recipe is made at United Ale House with its original ingredients, bringing the flavor of London to Southwest Florida. Each bite is flavorful and delicious. This dish is taking me through a journey of taste and English history. More than just a marriage of spicy and sweet, the Coronation Chicken Salad is a historical staple. This recipe is a nod to the growing Indian population of England in the 1950’s, and also the succession of the Royal Family. Not to be mistaken for Chicken Tikka Masala, the national dish of England, Coronation Chicken Salad was a royal hit and the Queen’s coronation even,  and I can see why.

In between sips of Boddington’s Ale, I take in my surroundings as I enjoy the last few curry-filled bites. Satisfied with my meal and newfound knowledge. United Ale House is full of treasures–both culinary and historical, and I look forward to my next visit here (to see what the BBC is all about!)

Stay tuned for more Flavor Medley adventures to come as we explore how people who have moved to Southwest Florida have brought their food to share with us all!