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Everything Jalapeño bagels?

Garlic, jalapeño, bialys, spinach parmesan, to name a few varieties of bagels.

Apparently, there are Cuban sandwiches, too.

Fresh Bagels & More in Fort Myers had me hooked from the first bite of my everything Jalapeño bagel with strawberry cream cheese .

The bagel was just the right amount of salty, crispy, as well as chewy — everything I look for in a bagel. A pork roll isn’t out of the question here either. Try it on one of the eclectic flavors of bagels with some cheese, maybe an egg to make breakfast out of it.

When asked how long they have existed, I was told “around 14 years.” It is easy to tell that this specific bagel spot has perfected their recipe for these New York style specialties.

Now I know this isn’t New York, but the caliber of food being slung out of here is more than worthy of such an accolade.

I think I even saw a Yankees hat and heard an accent.