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A New Classic: Three Little Birds Is Serving Biscuits and Gravy On the Run

We’re knee-deep in the 2017-2018 snowbird season. With season, comes restaurant openings for snowbirds and locals alike to enjoy. Joining the list of openings this past fall is Three Little Birds Breakfast Truck. We secretly dined there on a bright Sunday morning at Southern Fresh Farms in Fort Myers.

Food trucks are hard to review by nature. Things like ambience and service are often overlooked because owners are more focused on slinging food to hungry diners looking for a quick meal. At Three Little Birds, this is not the case. Yes, the food was fast and the truck’s design was equally noteworthy (again, more on that later!)

Opened October 7, 2017, Three Little Birds offers nine menu items, most of which incorporate hearty breakfast meats.

The truck is fit with an overhang, to protect those waiting in line from the sun, and offers tables in the form of re-purposed ironing boards . It’s obvious that thought went not only into the menu at Three Little Birds, but also the design of the truck. The back of the truck is adorned with quotes from what the owners told me were some of their favorite TV shows. This personal touch was my favorite part of the truck design, because I apparently have very similar taste in entertainment as the owners. The name “Three Little Birds” is an homage to Bob Marley , also a singer I enjoy.

Ambience: Five stars.

The owners’ favorite quotes adorn the back of the truck. Seen here a shout-out to Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica and the eponymous Bob Marley song.

Now for the food. Let me start by saying, if you don’t eat pork, you can stop reading now. It’s not that Three Little Birds doesn’t offer vegetarian options- yogurt parfait and roasted vegetable hash are on the menu- it’s just that there’s something special about breakfast pork.

Bacon. Sausage. Ham. For a meat enthusiast, there isn’t a better way to start the day. Hungover? The salt in bacon helps rejuvenate your electrolytes . Want to start the day light? Go HAM. Want to take your taste buds on a pork-infused journey? Visit Three Little Birds. It’s not the use of meat in their dishes, it’s the harmonious seasoning of each meat in every dish.

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Let’s take a deeper look at the biscuits and gravy. Three Little Birds uses this southern classic in some form in a third of the menu options. According to Wikipedia, the rise of the dish is due to its limited availability of food stuffs during the post-revolution period . While biscuits and gravy was once considered a poor man’s dish, at Three Little Birds, it’s so rich in flavor. It’s hard to say what the best part of the first bite was. It might have been the biscuit’s cake-like texture, or the crunchiness of its top, complimenting the soft, doughy middle. Or, the thick, sawmill gravy with huge chunks of pork sausage drowning in a pool of creamed flour.

Food: Five stars

Biscuits and gravy. Wouldya look at it?

Biscuits and gravy. Wouldya look at it?

Delicious? Yes. Southern? Yes. Light? No. But, that is okay because the truck frequents farmers markets. So, you can redeem yourself with a fresh head of broccoli to take home for dinner.

To find out where Three Little Birds will be you can visit their website .

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