Florida Voters Passed 11 Amendments

4:06 PM, Nov 09, 2018


Bo Evans, Anna Kohls

The excitement of mid-term elections has finally settled down. More than 8 million Florida voters were asked to vote on 12 amendments, and each one needed at least 60% to pass.

Voters ended up approving 11 of the 12 amendments.

Amendment 1: Failed.

The exemption on property tax will remain at $50,000 for homes worth $75,000 or more.

The 11 Amendments That Passed

Amendment 2: Passed.

The 10% cap on non-homestead properties is permanent.

Amendment 3: Passed

Voters now have the right to decide to expand casino gambling.

Amendment 4: Passed.

Convicted felons will have the right to vote after they have served their time.

Felons who were convicted of murder or a violent sex crime will not be able to vote.

Amendment 5: Passed.

The legislature will now need a 2/3 vote to increase or pass new taxes.

Amendment 6: Passed.

- Judges can now sit on the bench until 75 instead of having to retire at 70.
- Victims of a crime will now get a bill of rights and eliminate court deference from the constitution.
- State courts can no longer defer to an administrative agency to interpret state statute or rule

Amendment 7: Passed.

- Families of first responders who have been killed on duty will qualify for free tuition to colleges.

- University trustees are now required to have a supermajority vote to raise college fees.

- And it establishes a state college system for 2-year colleges.

Amendment 9: Passed

- It bans offshore gas and oil drilling.

- Prohibits the indoor use of electronic cigarettes and vape pens.

Amendment 10: Passed.

- The Legislature is now required to start its session in January instead of March.

- Create a counter-terrorism office

- The state veterans affairs department will become part of the constitution.

- Five county-level officials, including sheriffs, will have to be elected.

Amendment 11: Passed

- Removes language for a high-speed rail that already wasn’t going to happen

- Deletes part of the constitution that says illegal aliens can’t own property.

- It deletes the savings clause, which if we passed a law today, and you broke that law yesterday, now you can’t be arrested for it.

Amendment 12: Passed

Public officials can’t lobby during their term or 6 years after their term. The current rule is 2 years.

Amendment 13: Passed

By Dec. 31, in 2020, Florida’s commercial greyhound dog racing industry will become illegal.