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Florida Counties Race for Thursday Deadline

5:12 PM, Nov 13, 2018

One week after the midterm elections and Florida voters still don’t know who’s officially elected into three offices: Governor, Senator, and Commissioner of Agriculture.

The recounts are still going on throughout the state. One notable county still working on recounts is Palm Beach County. Some people are worried it won’t have the ballots recounted by the Thursday deadline.

Florida Counties Race for Thursday Deadline, What Happens If They Don’t Make it.

We asked the Lee County Supervisor of Elections, Tommy Doyle what would happen if a county doesn’t make deadline.

"Any elections office that doesn’t meet the deadline, the results that they entered on election night will be the results that will be used to determine the winner or if there’s a manual recount,” he said.

That would mean, Republican Ron DeSantis would be elected as Governor and Republican Rick Scott would be the next U.S. Senator, along with Nikki Fried as Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture.

Doyle said he hopes people give Palm Beach and Broward Counties the benefit of the doubt.

"My prayers go out to them because they’re a huge population of voters. Some of them have four or five-page ballots.”