Fake Flyer Offering Reward to Turn in Undocumented Immigrants

5:25 PM, Sep 14, 2018


Rebecca Fath

A flier has shown up in Tampa offering a $100 reward to turn in undocumented immigrants.

The deception includes a United States Department of Homeland Security logo and a number for Crime Stoppers.

"It’s of course fake," Allan Kolak said, who is a master sergeant at the Cape Coral Police Department . "People shouldn’t take these things seriously."

A picture of the flier that was posted on Facebook by an immigration law firm.

If you come across any flier and aren't sure if it's fake or a hoax, Kolak suggests to conduct some preliminary research before responding to the announcement.

"Make sure that it’s valid," Kolak said, "and if you suspect something improper, notify your local law enforcement."

Ironically, in this case, a person should call the United States Department of Homeland Security or Crimestoppers, with the number provided on the flier.

"Unless it’s coming from a valid organization like here in southwest Florida weave crime stoppers," Kolak said, "those can all be validated through those agencies."

It's a federal crime to use any government seal or logo with authorization. The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) seal is protected by several sections of the United States Code. Unauthorized people caught using the seal may be fined or imprisoned for up to fives years, or both.