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It’s Bat Mating Season From April 15 to August 15

You Can’t Remove Bats From Your Home For the Next Few Months, Here’s Why

Did you know you can’t remove bats from your tile roof or attics from April 15 to August 15? That’s because bats are protected — and it’s their maternity season.

“Bat season means during that time; we cannot do anything with bats,” Christy Norris with Nuisance Wildlife Removal said. “If they are in your attic or under your roof tiles or in a structure at all, they are protected.”

Baby bats are flightless during this time. If bats fly into living spaces, there are people who can remove them for you.

“On average, if they are living on your tile roofs, the likelihood of them attacking you is not gonna happen,” she said.”

The only way to get rid of bats is to put up an approved exclusionary device such as a bat cone or bat netting that allows them to fly out but not back in.

The most dangerous part to a human’s health is the bat droppings, or guano, which can cause upper respiratory disease.

However, Christy reminds that bats are important — because they can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes or insects in one evening