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Have You Heard of Palm Rats?

David Schutte has been battling palm rats in his newly renovated home in North Port for the last two months.

Palm Rats are a native species of the vermin that lives in the unkempt parts of palm trees. In the dry season comes in Florida, they seek new sources for water often times leading them into people’s homes.

David purchased the home sight unseen from a friend who is a realtor. The friend also bought the home sight unseen online and thought it would be a good project to flip for his business. What neither of them knew, the previous occupants of the home did not keep it in good standing. David’s friend hired a pest control company and gutted the inside of the home to rid the colony of rats.

Once the renovation was done, the pest control company gave David’s friend a one year guarantee that the home was rat free. Feeling confident, he then sold the home to David.

It didn’t take long for David to discover six rats making a colony under his dish washer.

David’s friend has apologized profusely to him for the palm rats. Since the pest company gave the yearlong guarantee, the pest company has been assisting David in the battle.

With rains around the corner David feels confident the pests will flee his home with their tails between their legs.