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Do You Have Your Tax-Free Hurricane Supplies? There's Still Time.

This year’s, ‘Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax-Free Week,’ will end on Thursday, June 4. So, now would be the perfect time to get your hurricane emergency kit together at a small fraction of the cost.

On March 23, Governor Rick Scott included ‘Sales Tax Holidays’ into the state’s budget for 2018. The tax cut package includes funding for two sales tax holidays equalling up to $38.5 million for the upcoming fiscal year.

The sales tax holidays include:

  • $32.7 million for a three day back-to-school sales tax holiday; and
  • $5.8 million for a one-week disaster preparedness sales tax.

To build your hurricane supply kit, you’re allowed to get the following items tax free until June 7:

  • Reusable Ice Packs that cost $10 or less;
  • Flashlights that cost $20 or less;
  • Gas cans that cost $25 or less;
  • Batteries and coolers that cost $30 or less;
  • Radios that cost $50 or less; and
  • Portable generators that cost $750 or less.

Sales tax in Southwest Florida is between 6% to 7.5% depending upon what county you live in , so you’ll benefit if you need to purchase items that are more expensive.

If you’re just looking to stock up on some canned goods and water, those grocery items are always tax free. Happy shopping!

Here’s a link to grocery items hat are never taxed.

Additional reporting by Allyssa Dickert