Facts About SWFL

Are You Ready for Hurricane Season?

It’s summer in Southwest Florida and you know what that means.

Palm trees, flip-flops. Board shorts, and bikinis.

But hurricane season is still lurking around the corner and unfortunately, CNN reported that this year may ramp up a bit from last year. Don’t panic though, we have a list of things to help put your mind at ease for preparation. 

We also caught up with North Fort Myers resident Jeff Glenz who was more than prepared for Irma and whatever storms may threaten SWFL.

Make a list.
Plan an exit strategy.
Board up your house and secure any yard items.
Keep cash on hand (ATM’s will most likely go out).

Getting supplies in advance:
Get things like ice, batteries, canned goods, and the wood way in advance (these are the supplies that run out fast).
Get plenty of gas in tanks and gas up your vehicles.
Get plenty of drinking water.
Non-perishable foods.
Purchase a generator if you plan on riding out the storm.

Hurricane season in Florida is from June 1 until November 30.

For more information on hurricane preparation and safety please visit the links below.

( http://hurricanesafety.org/prepare/hurricane-safety-checklists/ )
( https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/prepare/ready.php )
( http://www.noaa.gov/ )