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Exotic Pet Amnesty Day at Naples Zoo

10:21 AM, Aug 28, 2018

On January 13th, starting at 10a, the Naples Zoo will be partnering with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation for the Exotic Pet Amnesty Day .

Education Specialist, Sarah, holding a bearded dragon

This event is where people can drop off their exotic pets (without penalty) as a way to prevent them from being released into the wild. That’s right, that exotic snake you have hiding out in your den illegally can be dropped at the Naples Zoo on Saturday, no questions asked.

Animals will be accepted from 10a-2p. After that, people can come to adopt those same animals. To participate, adopters must apply online before showing up to the event.

These type of events are truly important for the SWFL community because these invasive animals compete with native wildlife and even eat them. That drastically changes the environment and threatens our native land.

Owners and adopters are encouraged to come out! If you do, tag us in a picture on our Facebook !