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Make a Payment Phone Scams

Phone scammers are posing as Lee County Sheriff’s Office employees asking for the resident to “make a payment” because they missed jury duty.

There have been multiple reports of this scam to the Lee County Sheriff office fraud line .

The caller was posing as a deputy saying the person answering had missed jury duty and need to “make a payment” immediately to stop “civil action” against them.

Some scammers left a voicemail referencing a court case and left a callback number. When the person called back, they got a voicemail that said, “You have reached the Lee County Sheriff’s Office located at 121 Pondella Rd. If you are calling about your court case please leave your name, number and case number and we will call you back.”

Law enforcement will NEVER call you if you have missed jury duty nor would they ask for money to make a case “go away.”