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Downtown Safety Since ZombiCon

For years after the 2015 ZombiCon shooting, many avoided downtown Fort Myers because they didn’t feel safe.

The alleged shooter was recently found and arrested. So, that begs the question—After three years, what’s changed to improve safety, and how do people feel about living and working here?

The Fort Myers Police Department and Mayor Henderson declined to comment on downtown safety. So, on Tuesday, we asked business owners and people who work downtown what they thought and it wasn’t hard to find people who like downtown Fort Myers and feel safe here.

The Fort Myers Police Department’s annual crime statistics show a significant drop in violent crimes reported last year compared to the year before. The report shows that the number of murders in Fort Myers fell by 33.3% and dropped from 15 in 2016, to 10 in 2017.

One big safety improvement was the $442,000 downtown street camera system. Many of the people who work downtown also said that downtown bicycle police officers are always around and patrolling the streets, even at night and early in the morning when most businesses are closed.

Do you visit downtown Fort Myers a lot? Let us know what you think! Do you feel safe when you visit?