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Daniel Conahan Jr Appealing Death Sentence

Daniel Conahan Jr. is currently working on appealing his death sentence from the 1996 murder of Richard Montgomery, but police believe he may be responsible for several more murders that he was not formally charged with.

According to the affidavit from Conahan’s case, police found similarities between at least four other murders in the SWFL area that shared the same characteristics and said in the reports the similarities led them to believe the crimes “may have been committed by the same perpetrator.”

The report shows that undercover officers observed Conahan for weeks, even going undercover and being propositioned by Conahan for nude photoshoots. Conahan carried a blue bag full of murder paraphernalia and officers would perform routine traffic stops if they observed Conahan with the bag.

The plot thickens. Eight other bodies were found in 2007 in the woods near downtown Ft. Myers. The bodies found were believed to have been dead before 2000 due to the amount of decay.

These bodies shared a lot of the same characteristics of Conahan’s case. All were white men placed in certain positions in the woods, but investigators have not connected Conahan to these bodies.