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22 Year-Old Arrested on 23 Charges After Hitting Car, People at Gulf Coast Town Center

A 22-year-old woman from Lehigh Acres is out of jail on bail as of Monday afternoon after allegedly hitting two cars and seven people in a rental vehicle early Saturday morning.

Jamellah Bobbitt Hasan was driving down Royal Queen Drive toward Cantina 109 restaurant when she hit the cars and people, according to a report by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO). All injuries reported were minor. Hasan tried to make a U-Turn and go the opposite direction when deputies asked her to get out of her vehicle.

She fell walking from her vehicle to the sidewalk. She then failed multiple sobriety tests and refused to take a test of her blood alcohol content. She was then arrested at around 3 a.m. on Saturday, February 10.

However, on Monday, she was released on bail. According to information on the LCSO website, someone paid the bail amounts for all 23 charges Monday.

We spoke to local DUI Attorney Miguel Fernandez on what generally consequences drivers usually see in DUI incidents. He said that as a general rule a first time DUI offense, even with multiple counts, could mean a six or 12 month license suspension based on whether or not the driver agrees to a blood alcohol content test. Subsequent DUIs could mean longer suspension.

How can accidents like this be prevented? Mothers Against Drunk Driving had some ideas.

“They say if you’re gonna go out to eat, you should have enough money to tip your server. If you’re gonna go out to drink you should have enough money for an Uber,” Gianfranco Mellone, an intern with MADD, said.

The director of MADD, Lori Burke, offered these tips:

  1. Always take an Uber or another rideshare service
  2. Designate a driver
  3. Know when you’ve had too much, and you need to call your parents or someone else

HelloSWFL looked to see if Jamellah had any past criminal records. Since 2014, she had been in court a few other times for traffic infractions.

What do you think the punishment for these types of crime should be?