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Clam Pass in Naples Is A Local Favorite

10:21 AM, Aug 28, 2018

Clam Pass in Naples, FL is a serene inlet that is a favorite spot for locals. The inlet off the
Gulf of Mexico flows in and out with the tides creating a current that is perfect for kayakers and fishermen. It is located between Pelican Bay Beach and Clams Pass Beach with the waterways winding down through a scenic mangrove forest protected by the state.

Clams Pass is not only one of the best places in Naples to fish and kayak but it is also teaming with wildlife and scenery that is out of this world. The actual pass between the two beaches can have a very strong current that can be dangerous to swimmers that could be carried out into the ocean by the tide. So, swimmers should take caution when crossing the pass.

The spot has been in danger of filling with sand from storm damage and natural causes in recent years but officials have been working hard to keep the inlet in place.