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Celebrate Dolphin Day with a Dolphin Boat Tour

10:20 AM, Aug 28, 2018

What’s slick, silly, and calls Southwest Florida one of their homes? Dolphins! It’s Dolphin Day, and to celebrate we took a trip to Estero Bay to spend the morning with these playful mammals.

Dolphins are such friendly creatures, and some of the friendliest are right here in Estero Bay. That puts any SWFL family in the perfect position to go out and take a Dolphin Tour!

Right on the bay, you take a one and a half hour dolphin tour on the Estero Bay Express II. On the boat, groups can watch local dolphins and see Florida’s wildlife up close.

For adults, tickets are $25, and tickets for young ones (ages 4-12) are $15. Whether you are celebrating Dolphin Day or not, taking a Dolphin tour at Estero Bay is an excellent way to unwind.

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