Cape Coral to Spend $500K on New Palm Trees

3:27 PM, Nov 14, 2018

Some roads in Cape Coral could be getting an upgrade: new palm trees.

The Public Works Department is moving forward with a plan to replace the trees that were damaged in Hurricane Irma. More than 600 trees were lost.

Cape Coral to Spend $500K on 600 New Palm Trees

The city plans to bring in a mixture of young trees, including palms and Florida Elms.

The cost? Close to $500,000.

"We have an annual budget for median landscaping, same amount every year - roughly $300,000 each year and this is from those funds,” said Cape Coral Traffic engineer, Bill Corbett. "As far as tree replacements, this is extraordinary because we did endure a hurricane.”

The first phase of the replacements will likely start after the new year, which will replace trees on the sides of the road.

After that some medians will be planted, which the city expects to take nearly two years.