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Cape Coral Proposes Tax Increase to Upgrade Parks

On election day 2018, Cape Coral citizens will vote on a measure that will increase property taxes to upgrade local parks.
6:49 PM, Sep 20, 2018


Gabriel Castaneda

Election Day is right around the corner! If you live in Cape Coral, one ballot measure, if passed, will increase your property tax.

Cape Coral Parks and Recreation is proposing a $60 million, General Obligation or “GO” Bond , to cover the costs of park renovations for 15 years.

Cape Coral Proposes Tax Increase to Upgrade Parks

The $60 million will cover costs to improve the 22 pre-existing parks while adding seven new neighborhood parks and three community parks across the city.

If it passes, how much it will add to your property tax depends on the value of your home. The City of Cape Coral has set up a page on their website that calculates how much you would pay in additional taxes if the 'Parks Master Plan' is approved in November.

“If you have a home that’s about $150,000 you’ll be paying $55 a year,” Kelly Runyon said, the recreation director at Cape Coral Parks.

The tax contributions will add up. Over 15 years, people who own a home in the $150,000 bracket will have to pay $825 in additional taxes to support the measure. But Runyon said the amount will likely decrease each year.

If you rent, you are off the hook.

“This is only for people who own their own homes that have accessed land or assessed property,” Runyon said.

Cape Coral has an approximate popular of 200,000 people. This number is expected to grow up to 400,000 people within the next few years. To meet the need of the growing population in Cape Coral, the city views the bond as a necessity.

“We currently are over 600 acres short," Runyon said, "the deficit in the amount of growth we have to parks."

In the ' Parks Master Plan ' there is a list of parks that will be upgraded. For example, the Yacht Club will be adding an aqua park, extending the beach and adding outdoor seating. At Horton Park, a new pavilion is a part of the proposed plan.

What happens if the Cape Coral citizens vote no and the proposed plan doesn’t pass in November?

“It’s going to take a pretty long time to be able to put in all these proposed facilities,” Runyon said.

There are three educational public meetings coming up:

  • Wednesday, October 3: 7-8pm - Diplomat Elementary (Cafeteria)
  • Thursday, October 4: 7-8pm - 3507 Oasis Blvd.
  • Tuesday, October 9: 7-9pm - Cape Coral Yacht Club Ballroom

If you still need more information on the Parks Master Plan and to calculate out how much you’d be paying if this bond passes in November, go to .