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Big Momma’s Bicycles Takes Bike Repairs to the Next Level

10:21 AM, Aug 28, 2018

If you’re an avid bicyclist living in Southwest Florida, you’ve probably gone through the struggle of getting your bike into your car and to a shop for repairs. But what if we told you there’s a bike repair shop that will come and pick up your bike, fix it offsite, and then deliver it right to your door when the repairs are complete?

Well, Big Momma’s Bicycles in Naples, Fla. takes customer service to the next level. The shop offers pickup and delivery services within 10 miles of its location . We paid Big Momma’s a visit to find out why they go the extra mile.

“What we do is service people,” said Sal Iandimarino, general manager of Big Momma’s Bicycles. “We try to make the biking experience, whether it’s sales, repairs or rentals, the best experience that we can provide for our customers.”

The repairs take place right in the center of the shop. Ray, a native of Havana, Cuba, is the craftsman who gets the job done. “Ray is our secret weapon. He’s a mechanic extraordinaire,” Sal shared. “When he was a kid he started repairing bicycles, selling bicycles, renting bicycles; he is all about bicycles.”

And if you’re having trouble finding a bike that suits your needs, then Big Momma’s has a specialist onsite that will help you find the right fit. “Tony is like Mr. Magic,” Sal explained. “He really helps people find solutions to their biking needs.”

A lot of physical therapists send their patients to Big Momma’s Bicycles. “They have patients who can no longer ride a bike. One of our customers had a prostate problem that made riding a bike real painful,” Sal said. “Tony helped him choose a recumbent bicycle. He is very knowledgeable about finding the right bike for the right person.”

Between house calls, Ray and Tony, you’re bound to get your bike needs squared away.

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